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Life skills training provides training to develop strategies and skills to compensate for cognitive deficits post injury.  Strategies are developed, rehearsed, and implemented into a person's life to live a meaningful and productive quality of life.  Life skills areas may include organization, time and money management, meal planning and preparation, daily routine development, social skills, and pre-vocational skills.

Cognitive rehabilitation encompasses individually designed foundations of intellectual skill building. This therapeutic modality provides a systematic application of intervention techniques aimed at improving cognitive processing and the ability to perform daily life tasks.  Life skills training compliments this service by providing the intensive application of compensatory strategies to improve independent living.

Case management is a dynamic collaborative process that uses the strengths and resources of the consumer, family system, and community agencies to access and coordinate services, and achieve short and long-term goals.  The case management process involves accessing, planning, coordinating, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating quality cost effective services.

While learning through a bodily-kinesthetic approach, dance/movement classes and workshops focus on encouraging self-expression and increasing self-esteem, while improving balance and coordination especially focusing on fall risk reduction, strength and endurance, flexibility, social competency and cognitive processing skills. Sessions use Laban/Bartenieff fundamentals and developmental patterns, and the 4 major movement themes: inner/outer, mobility/stability, exertion/recuperation, and function/expression.

NRRF established the Rhythms of Hope  Dance Company in 1996 to celebrate the successes of persons with disabilities. Through performances, the company educates and enlightens audiences  on  the  potential of  persons with disabilities and  recognizes them for their contribution to the human  spirit. The  dances tell stories of life's struggles, and the growth and rediscovery process that takes place over time.

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