National Rehabilitation & Rediscovery Foundation, Inc.
The National Rehabilitation & Rediscovery Foundation, Inc. (NRRF), established in 1996, is a community-based non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals with TBI and other neurological and physical disabilities. Through unique programs and services, NRRF challenges individuals to rediscover themselves and their life's potential by maximizing their cognitive, physical, and psycho-social independence and self-sufficiency.  Program services balance one's strengths while challenging one's ability to learn new skills and strategies to live meaningful and productive lives.

Helping individuals live a meaningful and productive life.

Here is the dance of life we face each day of our lives;
you have a disappointment; it is a slight death.
You have a moment of recovery from the performance;
it is an entrance.
You enter into life once again, into the stream.
Nothing really begins... it just continues.
(Excerpt from Martha Graham's "Exits and Entrances" dance piece.)

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NRRFs Dance/Movement Sessions 

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