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Dance Movement

                                                                                                              Movement Therapy Programs 
                                                     While learning through a bodily-kinesthetic approach, this service focuses on encouraging
                                                     self expression and  increasing self-esteem while also improving balance and coordination, 
                                                     strength  and  endurance, cognitive  processing  skills and also  social compentency skills. 

                                                                                          Rhythms of Hope Dance Company 
                                                     NRRF established the Rhythms of Hope  Dance Companyin 1996 to celebrate the successes 
                                                     of persons with disabilities. Through  performances, the company educates and englightens 
                                                     audiences  on  the  potential  of  persons  with  disabilities  and  recognizes them  for  their 
                                                     contribution to the human  spirit. The  dances tell stories of life's struggles, and the growth 
                                                     and rediscovery  process that takes  place over time. The  company tours  during  the year. 

                                                                                               Dance & Movement Workshops 
                                                     NRRF conducts dance and movement  workshops within a variety of settings demonstrating
                                                     how  movement is used as a  means of  emotional  and imaginative  expression and human

                                                                                               Dance & Movement Program 
                                                     NRRF  offers  Movement  Therapy,  Motor  Skills  and  Creative  Movement,  and  Dance
                                                     Movement  workshops  throught  the  Northern  Virginia  Area. 

                                                                                        Movement Therapy Class Schedule 2012
                                                                                      Thursdays: 6:00-7:00pm Nannie Lee Center